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The Boy With The Dragon

When I asked the client what she would like as a motif in the picture, she wrote to me: “I love autumn; autumn melancholy evokes joy in me. Paint these two emotions for me, connect the opposites to act as a whole. I don't want indifference, I want a complete revival of emotions and I'm sure you will know how to satisfy my desire… ”
There was no dilemma about the visualization of sadness, it will be the motif of autumn. I was thinking about how to present joy, and I immediately had the idea, knowing that the client has a son. I wrote to her, "Send me a picture of my son taken from behind."
Knowing that she had almost lost a loved one whose departure is still hard to come to terms with, I symbolically presented the release of the dragon to heaven as sending love to loved ones in another world. The client says she is very satisfied.

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